Deacon Board Officers

 John Posey

Chairman of Deacon Board

Douglas Joyner


Board of Deacons

The purpose of the Deacon Board is to assist the Pastor in the implementation of the administration of the church and assist the Pastor in baptism and communion services as well as any other task that is essential to the church. The general goal is to work in close harmony with all church endeavors. To assist members with their needs and to help church meet some community needs. Activities consist of regular visitations to the sick and an annual leadership program.

Thomas Atkins

Eugene Barr

Joe Bartley

Carolyn Crosby

Wesley Curtis

Charles Hunt, Sr.

Constance Segers

Johnny Grooms

Board of Trustees

The purpose of the Trustee Board is to assist the Pastor in the implementation of the Church Administration. The Trustee Board also works with the pastor in the management of church-owned properties, and the financial and legal affairs of the church. The goal of the Trustee Board is to work jointly with the Pastor and the Deacon Board to ensure a harmonious operation in support of all endeavors of the church. Activities consist of: supervising church renovations, directing major (approved) church purchases, directing the painting/roofing of the sanctuary, and supporting the Maintenance Committee in maintaining all properties including the church, parsonage, vans and contents thereof.

Daniel Piggot


John Lucas


J. C. Gilmore, III

Douglas Joyner

Thomas Thornton

Elwood Ford

Richard Walker

Jerry Leach

Perry Hairston

Edward Gary

Eugene Thompson

Financial Officers

Wesley Curtis


Carolyn Crosby

Financial Secretary

Douglas Joyner

Financial Treasurer

Daniel Piggot

Budget Control Officer